5 Gift ideas for wine and beer lovers


Wine and beer are two great passions of Italian men. At dinner, at a happy hour or while working, a good glass can create a joyful and cheerful atmosphere and can make our evenings and days more fun. Related to the wine world, we suggest you 5 special gift ideas for those who don’t want to be banal, and prefer to stand out for their originality.

Glass Decoration Set

The first gift idea, starting at a very low cost, is a set of 8 glass decorating pieces. At a party or a picnic, it is common to sit at different spots around the table and forget which glass is yours. Thanks to this practical and fun gift the problem is solved once and for all. The set consists of 8 markers of different colours that can be easily attached to any glass, giving joy to the table and allowing all guests to easily and immediately recognize which glass is theirs.

Wood Wine Rack Bottle Holder

The second gift idea is a little more expensive (around € 30) and dedicated to real wine lovers. The wood wine rack bottle holder is a real treat for those who want to keep at home – in an orderly and classy way – a miniature cellar filled with their favourite wines. With 36 slots available for the bottles, this convenient rack will preserve a wide variety of wines, both reds and whites, sparkling and still, for your evenings in the company of friends and for your elegant dinners. Entirely made of wood, this wood wine rack bottle holder is resistant and sturdy, and will become a real gem of your kitchen.

Bar Craft double Glacette

Are you fond of white sparkling wines that need to be served cold? Then this gift is made just for you. The Bar Craft double Glacette is a perfect ice basket, suitable for containing two bottles at the same time, preserving their chill temperature and making sure that the glasses of your guests are always full of fresh wine. Moreover, its modern and refined design will give your table a classy and refined image thanks to which you will make an even better impression with your guests!

Wine Decanter Set

Dedicated to red wine lovers, we propose a classy gift, a complete wine decanter set with glasses. Available in several versions, with this gift you can enjoy your wine in the fullest possible way: by pouring the wine into the decanter or directly into the glasses, this will flow through its cavities – precisely designed to oxygenate the wine in an optimal way – enhancing its aroma and perfume. The decanter must be hand washed, while the glasses can also be washed in the dishwasher.

Beer holster

Let’s the shift the focus a little, and move from wine-related gifts to gifts dedicated to beer lovers. The beer holster is a fun gift for all those who love barbecues, parties, picnics or walks out, and always want to have a beer close at hand. The holster can be attached to the belt, and may carry up to 0.5l beer bottles and cans. An excellent way to keep your thirst at bay! Additionally, its water-repellent surface guarantees ease of cleaning and comfort for the wearer.

So, have we given you some “high alcohol content” gift ideas or not? Good drinking, everyone!

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