5 gift ideas that will delight your friends


Very often, a gift is more than a packed item, it has to tell a feeling or even better represent what we know of another person. That’s why not all gifts are equal. Today we give you 5 tips that will certainly be helpful with your friends:

For those travelling light

Access Pack is an original gift, ideal for those who travel frequently on business with the need to always keep on hand tablet and pc.

Designed to complete a modern and youthful outfit, this travel backpack is composed of more compartments and pockets that well fit for containing several electronic instruments. The supporting structure of Access Pack consists of steel and foam, which give this backpack an ideal stability and softness in order to perfectly protect our electronic devices.

For sporty people

For outdoor lovers who do not want to miss even a memory of their adventures, the perfect gift is undoubtedly the new Midland H3 action cam. Small size and lightweight for maximum convenience, this cam does not give up quality of filming and performances: the Midland H3 is equipped with hooks for a perfect installation on bikes, it is equipped with a waterproof case for underwater shooting and, thanks to an LCD display integrated, quality and image frames will always be bright and clear.

Not only that, there is a dedicated app “iSmart DV” with which – thanks to Wi-Fi connection – it will be easy to save and share pictures and videos both on smartphones and tablets.

For health conscious consumers

For healthy living and fruit lovers, a very appreciated gift will be Imetec SuccoVivo, a blender and juice extractor that will delight juices and smoothies lovers.

Thanks to Imetec innovative technology, SuccoVivo brings on your closest friends’ tables a great deal of health every day: fresh and natural juices immediately ready to make their table merry and their diet rich in vitamins and minerals.

For those who are always on the go

For frequent business travelers, suitcases may be a problem. Bugaboo created a solution that actually offers a new vision of the suitcase. Bugaboo Boxer gives rise to a new concept of mobility, with an innovative “push-to-close” suitcase system – instead of the classic trolling system, which will enable travelers to benefit from a more convenient carriage of their baggage in airports worldwide. Bugaboo Box consists of an interlocking trolley set and details that will make your journey even more exciting. Versatility and ease of use, comfort and resistance are the key points of this new mobility concept.

For the naturalist friend

Dedicated to girls who love natural products, the last gift idea we suggest is Aesop Pursuits of Happiness collection, Pursuit of Aesop Passion. The central thread of this collection of products is a bland of passion, a hint of eccentricity and the gift of new value knowledge.

The Pursuits of Happiness is available in six different kits, each of which presents different product lines: hair care, hands, body, face for her but also for him. The love for passion and all its expressions are the central thread of each kit and are represented through the Norwegian artist Bendik Kaltenborn illustrations.

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