5 house gifts for a girlfriend


A friend of yours has recently moved to a new house, and you want to get her a present for her new place? Do not be tempted by the usual plant, a painting to hang on a wall or worse still by a hackneyed lamp. Be original, and with a bit of imagination you will surprise your friend, making her proud of you. We’ll give you 5 nice – and cheap – ideas for an original gift, one that your friend won’t be able to do without.

Balvi – Airport Doormat

The Balvi Airport Doormat will add a fun, original touch to your friend’s house even before walking into it, greeting visitors upon their arrival and departure. Composed of nylon and rubber, it preserves the cleanliness of the house on rainy days by drying the shoes of the guests and without losing a single hair.

Self-Watering Wall Capsules

Everyone knows that a house with lots of greenery gives joy to its tenants, but not everyone has enough space and patience to take care of plants and flowers. The self-watering capsules we are proposing come in two wall vases equipped with a special watering drip system that will allow everyone to have on their wall house plants, herbs or flowers in optimal conditions, giving the house that extra touch of vitality. They are ideal for those plant lovers who have little space in their homes for keeping traditional floor vases, or little time to take care of watering.

Bottle stacking bamboo shelf

For dinners with friends or romantic dinners, there is nothing better than a bottle of good wine. This set of bamboo bottle holders and cup holders will undoubtedly make for a welcome gift: elegant and resistant, it will give your friend’s kitchen a classy touch. Moreover, by hanging this set on the wall, your friend will keep his/her stove and kitchen nice and tidy.

Arm-shaped boyfriend pillow

Is your girlfriend single and sleeping alone at night? What better gift than something that may cuddle her during cold and lonely nights? The “boyfriend” pillow will envelop her in a warm hug during the night, gently hugging her shoulders and making her sleep comfortably as she rests her head on his chest, dreaming about the arrival of her prince charming. Her new “boyfriend” will never get up in the middle of the night, will never have cold feet and most importantly won’t snore!

Hot Sox® Foot warmer

Is your friend particularly chilly? With this gift you will certainly make her happy! The Hot Sox foot warmer is a pair of slippers that can be heated in the oven or in the microwave, and that will keep your friend’s feet nice and warm much longer than any other slipper. The special blend of flax seeds retains heat for a long time, so that your friend won’t be able to do without these special slippers during cold evenings as she sits on the couch watching a good film, or while working on the computer.

Do you also have a friend for whom you wish to make a gift for her new apartment? We hope we’ve offered some good suggestions. Wish you a good shopping on amazon.de!