5 products for hair styling for less than 50 €


Having time and confidence to always have perfect hair is certainly not something for everyone, but fortunately today’s technology meet us with more and more simple devices to use and that allow us to get more and more similar results to professional ones. Today we present 5 essential equipment that will make you very beautiful.

Imetec Salon Expert Hair straightener

Ally of every woman, is known that hair straighteners give a smooth and then tidy hair style. However, this hair straightener gives a wavy and smooth effect in the same instrument thanks to its rounded design. Temperature is adjustable depending on hair type, in fact it reaches 230 ° C and the coating of the is in nanoceramic for a total respect of the hair.

Apalus smoothing hair brush

For those not familiar enough with how to use a traditional hair straightener, the best object of having perfect hair is just a smoothing hair brush. We all well know its method of use, because it is a real brush but with micro ceramic plates instead of bristles. The brush reaches a temperature of 230 ° C and it is equipped with a temperature regulation and power key.

Curling iron – Salon Perfessionale

If your passion is curly hair, nothing will be more useful than this curling iron. Its ease of use makes it really suitable for any kind of woman, you just have to put a lock in the curlin iron to find a beautiful curl. This curling iron works practically alone. The coating is in ceramic and has an adjustable temperature, moreover a ionic technology eliminates the frizzy effect.

Double plates wavy Iron

Trend of recent years, especially for those who like to change look, this innovative hair straightener was inspired by wavy effect. Its operation is very similar to that of any hair straightener but its tube design allows to obtain a perfect wavy effect. Three levels of temperature and coating in titanium ceramic.

Curling Iron Kit 5 in 1

And for the hesitants? Nothing better than the 5 in 1 kit equipped with 5 curlers in a single instrument that allows curls of different sizes for a jaunty look and slightly waved or sophisticated with well defined curls, obviously with half measures. The temperature can be modulated up to 210 ° C. It is also included a practical glove that excludes the risk of burns.