5 space-saving solutions for a small bathroom


It is said that a small space is synonymous with renunciation. Surely limited sizes are more challenging and require a deeper “study”, but a room with limited dimensions may still be functional and contain everything you need. Today keyword is “space-saving”.

Find solutions that take advantage of vertical spaces rather than corners or few remaining centimeters between an element and another is essential to have efficient spaces.

Here are 5 space-saving solutions to better organize everything a bathroom should contain even when it is a small bathroom.


Space-saving SoBuy® Trolley

Just 18 cm wide and 42 thick, space-saving SoBuy Trolley may be inserted in all those spaces that otherwise would be “wasted”. Equipped with four small vertical drawers, it holds a multitude of objects and indispensable products such as combs and brushes, toilet paper, guest towels etc.

Space-saving Wooden Bathroom Cabinet

To be placed over WC in order to use that space normally left unused, it is composed of one shelf and two prismatic doors to store all that we need to keep “not visible.” Inside the doors we find another practical shelf for optimal organization of spaces. Thanks to its feet we can clean without moving it. It can also be placed over a washing machine or, where possible, over a laundry basket.

Staircase Shelf Laundry Basket SoBuy®

Solution of the most modern and contemporary, this shelf is inspired by a staircase. It is in fact composed of 3 steps that form the support surface. This shelf gives a touch of class where placed, as well as being a practical solution that does not take up much space. It is also equipped with a convenient laundry basket. Entirely made of wood, this solution is useful both for the organization of beauty products and towels or carpets.

Corner bath shelf corridor

Another space that is forbidden not to use in small bathrooms obviously is the corner. This corner shelf with 5 spacious storage compartments optimizes your bathroom corners, really occupying a small space. It is available in two colors.

Bamboo Shelf Towel Bar

Built in rugged chrome-plated metal and bamboo, this shelf with towel bars is ideal for combining into a single object the organization of more elements. The shelf provides a large surface while the bars, thanks to their position, allow the positioning of towels without overlapping then letting the air pass between one another. The thickness of this element is only 24.5 cm, another intelligent space-saving solution.