5 “useless” gifts for your office colleague


When working in an office, you inevitably make new friends, and so the opportunity arises to exchange presents. The question is, what to buy? Gifts among colleagues are often related to work, to your shared daily experience. Therefore, buying something original can be a real headache. We’d like to propose you 5 “useless” gift ideas for your favourite colleague.

Home Protektor Mosquito Repellent Wrist Band

Do you often see your colleague chasing mosquitoes in the office, unleashing powerful slaps and hitting the air in vain? Or do you have to hold your breath every time your colleague sprays large amounts of insecticide? Thanks to the mosquito repellent wrist band, all this is about to end! This wrist band generates sound pulses that will protect the bearer from mosquitoes, and at the same time you from your colleague’s daily rampage.

Suck UK – Disk Shape Sticky Memos

Does your colleague often forget deadlines and to call back customers, or simply has the attention span of a ladybug? Get your colleague a nice kit of Suck UK memo stickers. Their floppy disk shape will match perfectly with the furnishings of your colleague’s workstation, adding a touch of colour to the desk while doing away with her excuse for forgetfulness.

USB Mug warmer

Do you have coffee machines and kettles running like crazy in the office? A good way to make happy a colleague looking to relax is to keep her beverage hot, so that she may slowly sip it during the working day. How? Thanks to the USB Mug warmer of Digiflex. Connected to the computer via the standard USB port, it will keep the heat of the mug at a constant temperature of 50-60 degrees. The Mug warmer looks well on any desk, and thanks to its 4 USB ports it can also act as the ideal point of recharge for smartphones, tablets and any other device you colleague might have.

Solar Sunflower

Do you want to surprise your colleague with a flower without being too cheeky? Get her a lovely solar sunflower for her desk! The “sunflower” is a solar charger for smartphone, tablet, iPod and more, powered by solar energy. Thanks to the USB cable it is equipped with, it can be connected to any device and decorate like a real flower the desk of your favourite colleague.


Last but not least on the list, we present you a gift suitable for those who have a jumpy colleague in the office: a good anti-stress head massager. Its network of tentacles that culminate with a rubber latex will massage the head of your colleague, relaxing her – hopefully – and making her friendlier with fellow humans even on the most stressful work days. The anti-stress massager is very light and can be placed without hindrance directly into the pen holder on the desk.

Choose the one that fits best your colleague’s needs, and do not be afraid, she will appreciate it!

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