All you need for a winter surf trip


If you’re going on a surf trip, it’s important to protect your belongings.

Protect your basics

Protect your basics with this great mini bag from HavaianaThe Mini Bag is the perfect wallet, clutch, wristlet or cosmetics bag for the beach, featuring a zipper closure and water-resistant construction to keep your phone, credit cards and other essentials secure and protected. An interchangeable elastic rubber handle and additional accessory ring offer maximum versatility, while an imprinted logo provides a pop of Havaianas style.

Or, grab a floating, waterproof dry bag to protect your smartphone while out exploring. The Gecko Floating Waterproof Dry Bag for iPhone floats on surface and tested to submerge under water for 1 hour at 10 meters. You can talk, text, take pictures, play games and surf the web anywhere with protection from RAIN, SAND, DIRT, WATER and SNOW.

Protect your board

If you’re flying you’ll need something to protect your board from over eager baggage handlers, so check out our selection of board bags. Always check your boards before you leave the airport. Consider taking pre-flight photos, then make sure to pack them well. Check out our Surfboard Travel Guide for up-to-date airline policies and fees. Traveling is super fun, but traveling to surf may be even better. The FCS Double Travel All Purpose Surfboard Bag is designed to hold two of your favorite boards wherever the waves take you. With high density foam padding, high walls, rail protection and board clip straps, your boards will make it there safe and sound.

Don’t forget the fins. When you remove the fins while traveling, grab this great travel companion for the surfer reluctant to leave anything behind. The FCS Deluxe 6-Fin Wallet, let’s you carry all of your favorites.

You wait at the rental desk, grab the car, then can not figure out how to secure your board. Packing a pair of IWS tie-down straps will save you time and worry.

Pack Well

Expecting a long flight? What better way to pass the time than through reading The Surfer’s Journal. This reader-supported magazine comes out just six times a year is is filled with amazing articles and photography to get you hyped before you arrive.

Don’t forget to bring the perfect hat. Filled with style and loaded with protection, the IWS Hasselhoff Hat is a must for any Surf Trip.

Stay hydrated as your travel with Yeti. The perfect surf trip companion to keep your drinks cool and your coffee hot.

Capture the moments

From crystal-clear slow-mo to high-speed action, the new GoPro Hero 6 can capture those memories of long barrels and clean lines. The GoPro Hero6 Black is a performance camera with deep magic inside the box. It can shoot in 4K at 60 frames per second or 1080P at 240 frames per second. When you’re wearing bulky gloves or need both hands to control the action, use voice control to start and stop recording, or to snap a photo while filming. The integrated GPS chip tags footage with path, speed, elevation and more to create engaging edits with data overlays. Noise reduction and video stabilization give you clear audio and non-jerky footage. And you don’t need a waterproof case to tackle muddy trails, powder days or undersea adventures – the Hero6 Black is waterproof up to 10 metres. When you’re done shooting, use Quick™, the GoPro editing app, to fine-tune your masterpiece.

Pack your camera well.  Casey is the perfect travel and storage solution for your GoPro. It’s small enough to fit inside a backpack, but large enough to carry your HERO cameras, plus essential mounts and accessories. The weather-resistant, semi-rigid shell guards against light rain and snow. A padded interior protects your camera, while removable dividers let you create customized compartments for any gear setup. Includes a pull-out pouch for smaller grab-and-go accessories like batteries, thumb screws, microSD cards and more.


Surfing has been proven to have healing and longevity benefits. Throughout history, doctors have always prescribed a trip to the sea to heal almost all that may ill. Many would issue direct orders detailing how long and how often to take in the salt water and sea air. Back then, it was called “Taking in the waters” or  Thalassotherapy. It was accepted as a medical solution for everything from allergies to syphilis to nervous breakdowns, scurvy, jaundice, leprosy and even cancer. Ocean water has significantly higher amounts of minerals, including sodium, chloride, sulphate, magnesium and calcium than the water from a lake, stream or river.

Ocean water is a natural antiseptic. Salt water is also used to flush our nasal cavity which helps with hay fever, respiratory ailments, inflammation and infection of the sinuses. So a good duck dive is actually good for you. The well-being we get from a few days in the ocean, goes far beyond just the joy of catching a good wave. So, grab your bags, keep searching for the perfect wave, and enjoy the adventure.