Best 55” TVs available on the market


To fully enjoy video content with a cinema-like quality, the perfect choice is doubtlessly a 55” TV. Suitable for large spaces, this model is highly appreciated by passionate gamers, as thanks to its unrivalled video technology it grants an advanced gaming experience with top consoles. Let’s look at what we believe are the three best 55” options.

Samsung UE55JU6400K

Directly from Korean producer Samsung, this 55” inch 4K TV ensures an absolutely outstanding video quality. It does not support the 3D version but this is offset by the excellent 4K and the Tizen operating system. The weak point of this superb TV is the limited viewing angle. However, it remains a top choice.

LG 55UB850V

The spearhead of LG is a 55” with 4K resolution and an absolutely fantastic 3D function. This TV is equipped with the webOS operating system, which guarantees a good flow of applications and settings. Colors and brightness are absolutely better than those you can find at the cinema, very vivid, deep and beautiful, and allow the viewer to deep dive in movies and videogames. With this TV, LG has definitely outdone itself

Samsung UE55JU7500T

To discover the top of the class among the 55”, we must necessarily resume talking about Samsung and its UE55JU7500T model. It is a Smart TV with 4K resolution and 3D function, absolutely unsurpassable for what concerns image quality and smoothness. The slightly curved screen of this television provides an exceptional visual quality as well as extraordinary viewing angles. Gamers consider this Samsung model a kind of Holy Grail, an absolutely unparalleled monitor for gaming. The only bad notes of this model in comparison with its several positive aspects, are its lack of HDR connection and its “low” sound quality, when comparing it to other high standard models. Provided with an external audio system, this Samsung Smart TV will be absolutely perfect.

If you wish to set up a home-cinema, then choose one of these three TVs: you will definitely not regret it!

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