Best TVs under €200, what we can buy


Buying a new TV has now become very easy. We can choose from a wide range of models both in traditional and online stores, choose between different technologies and various price levels. Among the new LCD TVs, for example, if we decide to visit an online store for our purchase, there are many quality solutions at an average cost of less than € 200. Let’s see some.

Philips LED TV 22″ 22PFH4000

At a cost of € 159 we can find this Philips LED TV 22-inch, the ideal solution for a family environment such as a living room or kitchen. With 2 HDMI outputs and a USB jack for connecting it to the computer, this Full HD TV stands out for its bright colors and image clarity.

MASTER TL222 22″

Another very economical 22-inch solution is the Master TL222. This Full HD TV can be purchased at a price of € 135, and comes with good quality at an excellent price. This model too is provided an HDMI output.

Samsung T24E390EX 24″

This excellent Samsung 24 inch model is highly regarded for its viewing angles and for its 24 inch monitor with Full HD resolution. Being a TV monitor, it is specifically designed to be connected to laptop or desktop computers, thus becoming a real accessory element of these devices. Its price is slightly higher than previous models and amounts to just under € 200.


Samsung UE32J5100AW 32″

Our final proposal also concerns a Samsung model, at a promotional price slightly under € 200 – but on average, at a price not exceeding € 225. More or less at the same price of the other models proposed, this TV is significantly larger, with its 32-inch Full HD monitor provided with a superb contrast. This model also comes with two HDMI outputs and a USB output. Overall, a superior LED TV compared to its price range.

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