Chess to suit all tastes


One of the oldest and most loved board games in the world is surely the game of chess. This game requires strategy and concentration, and has enlivened the days of generations, since its origins. It is a game suitable for everyone, which is ageless and can be practiced at any place or time if equipped with the right board. Today we will review a number of specific proposals that will make your experience playing chess even more special.

Chess against boredom

During a train journey or while sitting in a park, you may get a little bored. A good way for killing time is to arrange a game of chess on the fly. But of course, in order to do this you should be carrying in your bag a travel chess board, which is perfect for all occasions. We are proposing two different types: the first is the travel magnetic chess set in plastic, very comfortable to carry – more or less the size of a school notebook (26x13cm) – and at a cost of about 15 euro; the second type, instead, is a set that includes a roll up chessboard and chess pieces contained in a real travel chess bag, which is ideal for those who’re always up to a good challenge. Again the cost is around 21 euro.

Giant chess set

For those who are looking for something different from the classic chess board, we propose the “giant chess set” a perfect product to be stretched out in the garden or outdoors and keep you company on the sunny days of spring. Consisting of an 89×89 cm PVC board and “giant” chess pieces 10 to 20.6 cm tall, thanks to this set you will see your moves from another point of view and play comfortably while lying on the grass outside.

Chess set for multiple players

Can chess be played by only two people? Wrong. Thanks to the hexagonal board for three players distributed by Prime Chess you can invite an extra friend to join the challenge. Since this is not the typical chess set, this board is accompanied by the instructions on how to play the game. Made entirely of wood, its colors are red, white and brown. This chess board variant is the perfect solution for large groups of friends who want to spend an evening together. The price of this board is also quite low, starting from about 32 euros.

And now… have fun, and with you a fantastic game!

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