Decorative chess sets for your home


In a nice living room, on a nice table or a beautiful piece of furniture, a chess board can act not only as a game, but also as a piece of real high class furniture.

Decorative chess set

Chess is a classic game, characterized by details, so that our three proposals for “decorative chess sets” can only follow this same line. Let’s start with a wooden chessboard with inlaid chess, the Silver Edition of Roman Chess, a true classic that thanks to its fine decoration and attention to detail can easily be appreciated in a cupboard or on a shelf.

Less classic but still very refined, a glass chess board is often accompanied by satin checkers that can act as a beautiful centrepiece, creating a game of light and reflections in a room when exposed to the sun. For those who love stone objects, instead, there is nothing better than a marble chess boardhandmade, of course – with classic black and white which will give your living room the classic elegance you desire.

Examples of these  models may be easily purchased online with prices ranging from 50 to 130 Euros.

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