ESDDI Suspension Training Strap


Born in the Navy SEALS, the bodyweight exercise with Suspension Training simultaneously develops strength, balance, flexibility and stability. It offers a complete workout, rapid and effective for the whole body.

It helps you to get the central part of the body as solid as a rock and increases muscular endurance.

It is suitable for all levels of fitness (from professional athletes to elderly people).

It can be mounted anywhere (at gym, home, hotels and outdoor).

TRX Suspension Trainer is able to offer better performances and functionality, compared to those big machines for physical activity at a cost of thousands of euro, by using your body weight.

Not using additional loads, it is suitable for every kind of person, even for beginners or people with postural problems, the difficulty of the exercise is modulated according to the inclination chosen, so the work can be intensified as performance are improved. The kit is equipped with a door fastening, thus it may be comfortably used at home without wall-anchoring.

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