Low cost tools to train at home


You know, after the excess of Christmas holidays the “swimwear test” is around the corner. The run to a gym subscription is a ritual but not everyone can afford, both because of timing and money factors, to rely on specialized centers. Therefore, we selected for you some tools for less than 20 € to get in shape and reshape your body.

Abs Wheel Roller-Duo Wheel

Abs Wheel Roller is a handy tool for abdominal training that allows to carry out the classic crunch exercise for upper and oblique abdominal easily carved without back pain, with much less exertion and excellent results, both in tone and aerobic aspect, then intended to dissolve fats. It is a tool that looks like a small wheel with two handles, when the wheel rolls away from the body, the arms extend outward followed by shoulders, thorax or abdomen. When you play the exercise the entire upper body is tensed. On this tool, while remaining unchanged the principle, the exercises may be performed with a different degree of difficulty according to the training level.

Kawanyo Balance Board

The balance board is an excellent fitness tool that allows you to train at home without boredom. Working out on the balance board you will tone up muscles even just trying to stay in balance on it. What this tool advantages is precisely the instability that leads to more heavy and therefore more effective simple exercises such as squats or pushups. With this simple tool you can train arms, legs, buttocks, abdomen and back, in short it is just one tool to keep in exercise every part of our body.

Gymnastic Ball

It is a soft and elastic ball filled with air that allows the involvement of various muscles especially abdominal and back ones. The exercises that may be carried out with the gym ball are many, from the simplest and purely rehabilitative to the most extreme for “hard training” real lovers. The model we present is also equipped with practical handles (not all models are equipped with it) useful also for training of arms, shoulders, back, and why not, legs. The exercises may also be combined with each other in order to train as well, at the same time, abdomen and arms or shoulders and have the possibility to “invent” new exercises avoiding the risk of getting bored. In short, it is a tool versatile and really suitable for everyone.

Door Set Training

Designed for body-building and functional training, this pull-ups bar is aimed at those who show their bodies as a business card. It allows you to train the upper body muscles with results worthy of the most active members of gyms. The exercises you may perform are so many, from the most classic which is that of pulling, until the training of abdominal muscles. The tool is lightweight and robust at the same time and can be used both anchored to the door frame (no need to drill) or grounded simply positioned on the floor. The different handles also facilitate its use and allow to diversify the fascia involved.