Many original Valentine’s Day gift ideas for your


Valentine’s Day is always the perfect opportunity to show love to your girl, but choosing the right gift is not always easy. To give you some more ideas, we have compiled this list of products dedicated to Valentine’s Day, which will help you to choose the perfect gift.

Automatic Double Canopy Umbrella

Did it ever happen to you and your girlfriend to be hit by a sudden storm while taking a stroll? We all know that classic umbrellas are not suitable for walking couples, so we propose an original and useful gift for your Valentine’s Day: the automatic double canopy umbrella. This particular umbrella is foldable and extendable, and it is strong enough to shelter two lovers from wind and water. It can be folded and comfortably placed in a rucksack. With this gift you will do away with wet shoulders, and enjoy a calm and romantic walk in the rain with the girl close to your heart.


Wall stickers

We’ve all dreamt about sleeping with our girl under a starry sky on a warm summer evening… If you really want your loved one to live this dream, while staying in the comfort of your bedroom, then this is the ideal gift: a set of starry sky wall stickers, 250 bright and fluorescent dots in the dark that will transform your bedroom into a romantic summer sky. The pieces have three different sizes that can be easily stuck to and peeled off the wall without damaging the plaster. The starry sky wall stickers will create a magical atmosphere, suitable to celebrate Valentine’s Day with your loved one.


Chocolate fondue set

Valentine’s Day is the day of romance, and what could be more romantic than a nice dinner by candlelight with your loved one! As a perfect completion to your romantic dinner, our next gift idea is perfect: a fine chocolate fondue set with which you can eat delicious strawberries soaked in equally delicious melted chocolate: a true touch of sweetness to your romantic dinner. The set that we propose is suitable for up to four people, and can then be reused in your dinners with friends.


Corkboard map

If your girl is into travel and photographs – ever heard about a woman who isn’t? – our next gift will definitely make for an original and very funny idea. The corkboard map that we propose shows the entire globe, and can easily be mounted on the wall and become not only a decorative item for your home, but also a bulletin board where to pin pictures of your travels together. Thanks to this map you will be able to plan your future trips together, and cherish the ones you already made, keeping your favourite memories always within reach.

Family Time Wall Clock

The last gift idea that we propose is designed to furnish your home with the best memories of your life. The “Family Time” clock allows you to insert, instead of hours, your most beautiful pictures. Each of the twelve frames that make up the family clock has its own glass and opening and closing system so that you can replace the photos whenever you want, putting new ones and giving your wall a constantly changing picture. This gift is absolutely perfect for all those who want to see their loved ones close to them at any time of the day.

If you too want to spend a perfect Valentine’s Day, then choose the right gift, and your girl won’t be able to do without you.

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