Best oil diffusers for your homes


The increasingly strong focus on personal care gave continuously birth to more and more new product lines in recent years, more or less technological, which fill and decorate our homes giving an aura of well-being and relax. Today we speak about ultrasonic fragrances diffusers, combining the beneficial properties of fragrances and essential oils, a high technological component and design, making these objects real furnishing accessories.

We tried three of them, and these are our impressions:

Rixow 100ml

Rixow 100ml is a diffuser of fragrances and essential oils, besides functioning as air humidifier. It has seven LED lights that may be automatically alternated or be blocked on the color you prefer by pressing the light button. The main feature of this fragrances diffuser is that oil is not burned as happens with traditional tools, but it raises vaporized in a thin mist upwards while maintaining the oils natural benefits and allowing to transform the room into a real aromatherapy studio.

AUKEY 500ml Humidifier

Aukey essential oils diffuser is bigger than the Rixow (500ml versus 100ml), it has seven different LED colors as well and has a particularly refined and elegant design, making it a perfect decorative element for a living or dining room, as well as an original gift.


Lotus fragrances diffuser has a capacity of 250ml and it can be said that it belongs to a new generation of diffusers. It has an autonomy of 6/7 hours in use and has a six LED lamp that alternates colors both automatically and manually. This diffuser focuses itself on three different therapeutic functions: aromatherapy, chromo therapy and music therapy. It is this last aspect that makes it special compared to the previous two models: when spraying the oils, environmental preset sounds can be activated or connected to a speaker.

Are you looking for a quiet and relaxing evening to abandon on the couch and forget a hard daily work? With one of these three products you will be on the safe side.

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