Rock Style: low cost jackets for all tastes


In recent years, the timeless rock style affected the world of fashion reflecting in a large segment of the market, from the young to the most mature set off in search of the more fashionable chiodo jacket.

So here is a selection of super trendy jackets at low prices.

Female Molly Moto Jacket Turndown Zip Collar


Beautiful and original in style, this jacket is inspired by the classic chiodo to give a modern and versatile reinterpretation. Decorative elements such as zippers and buttons make it particularly suitable for a rock style but also with a casual clothing it is a garment that gives a touch of personality. Form fitting and lightly padded shoulder straps make it versatile and suitable for a bit more sophisticated look.

Female SaiDeng Punk Style Moto Coat Zipper Short Jacket in Pu Leather

Who said that rock style demands a color sacrifice? In fact, with this proposal we want to put emphasis on daring who likes to play with trends personality. This chiodo with classic lines, straight and short, is in fact available in a range of colors in addition to the classic black. Worn with simple jeans and sneakers or a skirt and high heels certainly will not be unnoticed.

Female Jacket in eco-leather Blazer jacket leather studs D 192 effect

The true rock style lovers will go crazy for this absolutely impact garment, which includes all those features that a true rocker looks for. In fact, the characteristic elements are hinges (in abundance) straps and studs, combined with a form fitting line that will lengthens the figure.

Female Moto Jacket in Very Soft Synthetic Leather

What about this chiodo? It completely follows the classic lines of the famous jacket but playing on a plunging neckline. A garment which stands out for its originality and brio. Also in this case suitable to any outfit.

Biwinky-Vest Short Female Sleeveless Black Moto Jacket in eco-leather

More than a jacket, it is a vest, but it could not be sued for its spread, especially in spring season. Clearly inspired by chiodo jacket, chiodo vest is another symbol of rock and biker style. With a simple t-shirt or even with nothing underneath for the cheekiest, it will make make all your look trendy.