Sneak Peek of the Amuse Society Fall 2018 line


Amuse Society is about a love for the ocean and bohemian jet-set spirit. It is what launched Mandy Fry into a visionary career with leading surf labels before carving her own path and cofounding Amuse Society in 2014. Amuse is an archetype of beach chic – a ready-to-wear collection with rock ’n’ roll vibes that blends seamlessly with beach knits and bikinis. Inspired by the art of travel and the alluring appeal of all things beach, a signature aesthetic has been created that screams, “That’s so Amuse.” On or off the beach, the style is undeniably bold and rebelliously sexy.

As creative director and president, Mandy and her team conceive and curate this contemporary ready-to-wear, swim and neoprene label in sunny Southern California, all while channeling their rock-muse-on-a-beach-holiday. From there, the latest collection travels the globe, sitting in top retailers all over the world. After all, with Amuse, the journey is the destination.

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The Fall 2018 Amuse Society Collection

As the morning light creeps through the valley of the green rolling hills, the dewdrops glisten like twinkling lights. Waking up in a rustic collage tucked in the hills of the hinterlands, in need of a getaway, she has come here to escape the outside world. In the natural surroundings she can hear the sound of her own breath and feel the earth beneath her bare feet.

The landscape that surrounds her is a harmonious palette bringing a sense of peace and calmness. With the top and wind in her hair, she seeks adventure as she explores the open roads. Cruising through the orchard lined gravel path, smells of a sea salt fill the air as she sees glimpses of the ocean through the trees. With the sun warming her skin, she follows the sound of waves crashing until her toes meet the sparkling coastline. Looking out in front of her, she closes her eyes and exhales…she has found her paradise.