What could be the perfect gift for a friend who bought the first car?


The goal of 18 years is a very important step for all the guys and driving license is more and more synonymous of first machine, so what better opportunity to make a gift to the novice driver? Below 5 funny ideas for a well auspicious gift.

My Star Car-Seat Covers, Light blue

More popular idea and even more pleasing, especially if the first car is not so “new” is a set of car-seat covers. Consisting of two front seat covers, two rear separated by three zips and three head rests, it is also equipped with an airbag system to not hinder car safety measures. Made from 100% polyester, its floral design allows you to customize and give a chic touch to any car.

My Star Swivel Car Mats, Green/Violet

In conjunction with seat covers or alone, the mats are essential in every car and even better if they are beautiful. Thus the kit consists of two front and two rear mats, always adorned by floral embroidery because nothing is to be left to chance.

Smartphone Car Charger

Now ever-present in any car, the novice driver will go crazy for a new and technological smatphone and tablets car charger. What sets it apart from many different trade models, in addition to high speed, is the led screen with which you can always be informed about the battery charge level. Do not overlook the two outputs that allow to charge two devices simultaneously.

Metal Pendant Keyring

The most classic gift for this occasion is undoubtedly a keyring. This particular model, also available for boys, is an idea that will surely be appreciated thanks to the possibility to be customized with a name or an inscription, making it unique.

Smartphone and GPS Magnetic Car Holder

With a modern design and glossy finish this universal support can be used with any kind of smartphone and on any kind of flat surface. Its special feature is the 360 degree rotation that allows to move the phone in the ideal position to be viewed if necessary without compromising safety handling it with hands. The support uses a simple magnet system in order to fix the smartphone which can thus be easily removed.