Yankee Candle magic for your home


There are many ways to give your home a relaxing and pleasant atmosphere: furnishing elements, green areas, music and fragrances are all elements that can provide pleasure inside an apartment and any of them may attend to the welfare of the people who live there. Related to fragrances – but also true furnishing elements – Yankee Candle is a product very famous in Italy too: candles in several fragrances and sizes that decorate millions of Italian homes.

They are sold alone or in packages and have a pretty low cost (about two euro each) and can be purchased in many online stores, whether official or not. Coordinate Yankee Candle with ceramic burners in different shapes and sizes and your environment will be warmer and more welcoming, you may immerse yourself in a real aromatherapy session and use the burner and candles – of different colors – also as decorative elements for your rooms.

The duration of a single candle is up to fifteen hours, so you can well turn on and off many times your candle making it last over time in order to have your house filled with your favorite sweets fragrances for several days and as long as possible. All Yankee Candle products are completely natural and free of potentially hazardous items: candles derived from processing directly from raw materials essential oils and natural extracts.

The difference with other candles on the market is immediate and is demonstrated by customers’ final use. Yankee Candle users become loyal to the product and, thanks to the natural fragrances, find in these natural perfumes memories and emotions unconsciously stepped in mind.

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